LocPRO Advanced T-Harness for select 2014 - 2019 Non-Amplified GM Vehicles IO5/IO6 Infotainment System

$59.00 LPHGM51

T-Harness to LPA

  • This harness is only compatible when the vehicle has an "IO5" or "IO6" RPO code. RPO codes can be found on a silver sticker in the glove compartment or in the trunk near the spare tire well. Vehicles that have an "IOA" or "IOB" RPO code must use the LPH-GM52
  • Not compatible in vehicles equipped with a factory amplifier

LocPRO Advanced T-Harness for select 2014+ Non-Amplified GM Vehicles IOB/IO5/IO6/Non-BOSE Infotainment System

*LocPRO Advanced not included