Amplifier integration interface for Corvette

$75.00 AOEM-VET1

Amp up your listening pleasure, easily add aftermarket amplification to your 1997 - 2004 Corvette factory radio.

ChevroletCorvette1997Audio InterfacingAOEM-VET1
ChevroletCorvette1998Audio InterfacingAOEM-VET1
ChevroletCorvette1999Audio InterfacingAOEM-VET1
ChevroletCorvette2000Audio InterfacingAOEM-VET1
ChevroletCorvette2001Audio InterfacingAOEM-VET1
ChevroletCorvette2002Audio InterfacingAOEM-VET1
ChevroletCorvette2003Audio InterfacingAOEM-VET1
ChevroletCorvette2004Audio InterfacingAOEM-VET1

OEM-1 with a vehicle-specific harness plugs into the vehicle's wiring and offers a 4 channel RCA audio output for adding aftermarket amplification. Provides full range audio output 20-20,000Hz; the volume of the factory radio controls level.

  • Plug in installation retains factory wiring integrity
  • Linear 20-20,000Hz sound reproduction based on an input signal
  • 4 channel RCA output
  • Amplifier turn-on trigger wire
  • Transformer isolated for optimal sound and performance.
AOEM Instruction Manual
 Download (64.08k)