Amplifier Integration Interface for select Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM vehicles

$379.00 AP4-CH41 (R.2)
AmpPRO 4 Amplifier Integration Interface
  • Compatible with both amplified and non-amplified factory systems.
  • Jeep Cherokee, Chrysler 200, and Maserati: These vehicles must be equipped with a factory amplifier as the AP4 cannot reprogram the factory radio to think that an amplifier is present.
  • When installing into any of the following vehicles, the APHCH42 is required (sold separately):
Year(s)MakeModelTrim LevelAdditional Info

Amplified Vehicles

  • Compatible with all data-bus controlled amplified systems, no matter the screen size (including the new 12" screen). To identify these systems, look for logos on door speakers, tweeters, dash speakers or the subwoofer to confirm if the vehicle has a compatible amplified system: Alpine, Beats or Harman Kardon. Some vehicles may not always have branded compatible systems. Unbranded amplified systems are generally identified by locating a center channel speaker or subwoofer.

Non-Amplified Vehicles

  • Jeep Wrangler/Gladiator: Compatible with all screen sizes (5”, 7”, and 8”).
  • All other models: Only compatible in vehicles equipped with the 7” or 8” screen. Vehicles equipped with the 5” screen are not compatible.
  • If you are installing the AmpPRO in a vehicle that is not equipped with a factory amplifier, you must add an amplifier to the vehicle's speakers, as the factory radio will no longer have a 4 channel variable output after it has been re-configured by the AmpPRO. For example, this will not work to add only a subwoofer to a non-amplified vehicle, as the radio will no longer power the cabin speakers properly.
  • Non-amplified vehicles equipped with an Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) system require the ANC module to be bypassed. This can be done manually or with the ANC bypass harness ANC-CH01 (coming soon). Click here to see how to tell the difference between an amplifier and an ANC module and for module locations.
    • The following vehicles have an ANC module that needs to be bypassed:

      • 2017-2019 Chrysler Pacifica
      • 2015-2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee
      • 2019 RAM Truck (Non-Classic)

Watch this video from our friends over at Five Star Car Stereo that goes over all the aspects of the newly revised AP4-CH41!

AP4-CH41 (R.2)

Amplifier Integration Interface for select Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM vehicles

  • Firmware Download, Version (Released on November 3rd, 2023)
    Release Notes

    ***This firmware update is only for modules that are labeled with revision If your module is labeled then you DO NOT need this update***

    • Fixes issues seen with module locking up after a few key cycles
    • Fixes issue with bluetooth audio only coming out of the front left speaker
  • Firmware Download, Version (Released on July 31st, 2023)
    Release Notes

    ***No download available, hardware update only***

    • Minor hardware change. Does not affect user functionality
  • Firmware Download, Version (Released on July 19th, 2022)
    Release Notes
    • Adds manual factory radio reset procedure
    • Fixes issues seen with factory remote start & keyless entry when used through the uConnect mobile application
  • Firmware Download, Version (Released on January 20th, 2021)
    Release Notes

    ***No download available, hardware update only***

    • Minor hardware change. Does not affect user functionality
  • Firmware Download, Version (Released on July 15th, 2019)
    Release Notes
    • Updated hardware for CAN filtering
    • Updated harness for CAN filtering
    • Adds compatibility for non-amplified vehicles
    • Corrects issues seen with OEM treble slider in 2019 vehicles 

    **PLEASE NOTE: You cannot flash a module using rev 1 hardware with this file and make it compatible with non-amplified systems!**

  • Utility/Other, Version V17 (Released on July 31st, 2023)
    Release Notes
    Amp PRO PC Application
  • Utility/Other, Version 1 (Released on February 18th, 2021)
    Release Notes
    • Can be used for AP4 troubleshooting or for aftermarket amplifier gain setup
    • Contains the following test tones, all at 0dB
      • 20 Hz
      • 40 Hz
      • 100 Hz
      • 250 Hz
      • 350 Hz
      • 500 Hz
      • 1 kHz
      • 8 kHz

This latest version of AmpPRO simplifies the installation of upgraded amplifiers in select non-amplified and amplified sound systems. With AmpPRO, you can improve audio performance while keeping an original radio‚Äôs fit, finish, and features. 


  • Simplifies amplifier installation
  • Prevents the need for summing and DSP devices
  • Provides factory sound system upgrade solution
  • Provides flat audio output for a solid audio foundation


  • It can be used to upgrade the entire sound system or just part of it thanks to the retention of the original amplifier
  • Enables the addition of a subwoofer to an amplified sound system
  • Variable volume, fade, balance, bass, mid and treble audio settings
  • Front, rear, sub preamp outputs (5 volt RMS)
  • Customized OE bass, mid and treble center frequency selection
  • Retains uConnect, Bluetooth audio, Navigation prompts, and all warning chimes
  • Plug-n-Play installation
  • Sublevel controller
  • Optional TOSLINK optical output (APA-TOS1 sold separately)


  • AmpPRO module
  • 52-pin harness (MS-CAN)
  • Bass knob with harness
  • Manual

Also available for fast, easy install: APH-CH01 harness (sold separately)

Select non-amplified vehicles are equipped with an ANC system that requires bypass.  Plug-n-Play bypass harness: ANC-CH01 

*How it works:

*This diagram represents AP4 functionality in vehicles with a factory amplifier. Please see compatibility notes about non-amplified vehicles for more detail

AP4-CH41 R.2 Instruction Manual
***These instructions only apply to versions or***
 Download (823.35k)
AP4-CH41 R.2 Instruction Manual
***These instructions only apply to revision of the AP4-CH41***
 Download (792.17k)
Chrysler ANC Information
Factory ANC module identifiers and locations
 Download (752.51k)
AP4 Loose Pins Tech Brief
 Download (733.06k)