Auxiliary Audio Input Interface for Select Ford , Lincoln ,Mercury vehicles 2004-2010

$124.95 AAI-FD4

Add an audio input to your Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury factory radio, connect your portable audio devices directly to your vehicle for simple, high quality sound.

The AAI-FD4 converts the Rear Seat Entertainment port of specified OEM Ford / Lincoln / Mercury “CAN-BUS” radios to RCA level audio input. Featuring a built-in audio adjustment circuitry with a 0 to +20 dB input sensitivity range of 0.475 to 4.75 volts (peak to peak) allowing the installer to match the audio level of the AUX device to the audio level of the AM, FM, or CD modes of the factory radio.

  • Plug-and-Play installation
  • Adjustable input levels allows for source level matching
  • Provides 1 stereo RCA audio input


Radio must have an "AUX" button to be compatible

 Not compatible with:

  •       Navigation radios
  •       Rear Seat Entertainment
  •       Satellite Radio
AAI-FD4 Instruction Manual
 Download (1.69M)