Video Adapter and Video Signal Filter

$33.00 RPA-VA1
Differential to Single Ended Video Converter / Video Noise Filter
Quickly and easily eliminate video noise from your reverse camera signal. The easy to install RPA-VA1 eliminates video noise on your reverse camera display. Specifically designed for retaining the OE reverse camera when upgrading to aftermarket radio. RPA-VA1 is also useful in eliminating video noise like scrolling vertical lines in any installation.

Key Features

  • Converts differential video signal to a single-ended composite video signal
  • Improves display of OE camera on the aftermarket radio
  • Reduces/eliminates video noise
  • Two-wire power connection for simple installation
  • Great for Ford and Chrysler vehicles and many more
  • Twisted pair wiring construction on input RCA makes it easy to hard-wire into the vehicle if needed (Cut off RCA where indicated in image)
RPA-VA1 Instruction Manual
 Download (236.29k)