Tesla CAN-Bus Plug-and-Play Harness

$50.00 CP1-TSL1

For 26-Pin Connector at Back Of Center Console

Requires CP1-S - Click here to download!

CANPRO connects to a vehicle’s CAN-Bus communication network and provides analog signal outputs, including Accessory power, Illumination, Speed Pulse, Reverse, Ignition, Left Turn Signal, Right turn signal, High beams, and parking brake.

CANPRO pairs with a variety of plug-and-play harnesses for select vehicles, greatly simplifying installation and keeping factory wiring intact.

Access to the vehicle's information from the CAN-Bus can be used for a wide range of aftermarket uses such as radar detectors, camera activation, sound system upgrades, and more!

Simplify installation in exotic cars and EVs saving time and money.

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CP1TSL1 Instruction Manual
 Download (753.27k)