Radio Replacement Interface for Select GM 29-bit LAN Vehicles without On-Star®

$85.00 LCGM29

Economical radio replacement module for 29-bit GM vehicles with non-amplified or standard Bose amplified audio systems,
without OnStar®

  • Does not retain OnStar
  • Not compatible with Premium Bose systems
  • Does not provide output signals such as: Reverse, Parking Brake, Vehicle Speed Sense (VSS)
  • Does not provide pigtail for SWC retention interface

The entry model LCGM29 retains the factory warning chime sound through a built-in piezo speaker and provides a 12v ACC output for the aftermarket radio.  It does not provide navigation outputs such as VSS, Reverse Output, or Parking Brake Outputs; please see the C2R-GM29 for a navigation-ready solution. Does not retain OnStar®. Please see OS-5 for an OnStar® solution.

  • Retains all safety warning chimes
  • Provides 10 minute RAP output
  • Compatible with factory non-amplified and standard Bose audio systems (not compatible with Premium Bose)
  • Provides 12v ACC output
LCGM29 Instructions
 Download (131.06k)