Auxiliary Input for Select Lexus / Scion / Toyota 1998-2012


Add two audio inputs to your Toyota, Scion, or Lexus factory radio, connect your portable audio devices directly to your vehicle for simple, high quality sound.

The AAI-TY3 converts the 12-pin satellite or CD changer port of the OEM Lexus / Scion / Toyota radio to RCA level audio input. Can be configured (with internal DIP switch settings) to work in either satellite or CD changer mode, depending on what the radio‚Äôs capabilities are, and what options the vehicle is equipped with. It will replace the OEM device that you choose to emulate.

If the radio has built-in SAT, the AAI-TY3 must use the CD emulation mode.


  •       Not compatible with radio models AD6809 or AD6810.
AAI-TY3 Instructions
 Download (2.66M)