iPod Cable for Select Pioneer Head Units

$39.95 IC-PIOUSB51V

Stream your music on the go

USB direct connection cable connects your compatible iPod or iPhone to select 12Volt Pioneer multimedia receivers with a USB port and 3.5mm audio/video input, so you can enjoy listening to your music when you’re on the road and viewing video content when parked. This cable offers control and charging for your Apple device while it’s connected.

Compare to Pioneer’s CD-IU51V, CD-IU50V, and CD-IU201V

This cable is compatible with the following Pioneer receivers:

  • AVH-P2300DVD
  • AVH-P3100DVD
  • AVH-P3200DVD
  • AVH-P3300BT
  • AVH-P4100DVD
  • AVH-P4200DVD
  • AVH-P4300DVD
  • AVH-P4400BH
  • AVH-P6300BT
  • AVH-P8400BH
  • MVH-P7300
  • MVH-P8300BT
  • AVH-X1500DVD
  • AVH-X2500BT
  • AVH-X3500BHS
  • AVH-X4500BT
  • AVH-X5500BHS
  • AVH-X6500DVD
  • AVH-X7500BT
  • AVH-X8500BHS