Climate Control Knob Set

$109.00 RPA-KNOB1
Climate Control knob set for Camaro

For use with PAC Integrated Dash Kit RPK5-GM4101 or as a replacement of worn factory climate control knobs.

When replacing the customer’s Camaro radio, PAC gives our retailers the budget-friendly option to use the customer's OEM climate control knobs with our RPK5-GM4101, or if the knobs are worn or missing, the RPA-KNOB1 can be used in place of the OEM controls. The RPA-KNOB1 can also be used with the factory radio to replace worn or defective factory climate control knobs.

Key Features

  • Works with RPK5-GM4101 or OEM radio
  • Includes back-lit center cap inserts for heated seat activation, and blank inserts for vehicles without heated seats
  • Includes mounting brackets
  • Engineered to look and operate just like the original climate control knobs


  • Allows replacement of worn or damaged factory controls, giving the retailer more options for their customers depending on the situation
  • Provides a complete solution when used with RPK5-GM4101
RPA-KNOB1 Instruction Manual
 Download (2.6M)
RPA-KNOB1 Tech Brief
Proper installation of center inserts of RPA-KNOB1
 Download (391.23k)