Radio Replacement Interface With Navigation Outputs for Select Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep Vehicles

$169.00 C2R-CHY4



  • Does not retain uConnect
  • Does not retain blind spot detection system
  • Does not provide reverse trigger output in vehicles equipped with a manual transmission
  • CHYRVD harness required to retain factory reverse camera and RSE. Please check vehicle compatibility of the CHYRVD here
  • In Premium Amplified Systems only two input channels can be used from the aftermarket radio, therefore there will be no fading capability of the aftermarket stereo.
  • Vehicles equipped with a factory Alpine system MUST use revision 1.1.4a or higher

Provides navigation trigger wires and timed accessory output for replacing the factory radio and retains the factory-installed amplified audio system. Use the provided Steering Wheel Control output plug with a steering wheel interface module to retain all factory controls' function.

Data controlled:

  • RAP accessory output wire
  • Reverse trigger wire
  • Illumination output wire
  • Parking brake wire
  • Vehicle speed sense wire


  • Keeps Data-Bus Intact for Vehicle Service & Emissions Testing
  • Vehicle entertainment system (CHYRVD required for VES video in/out)
  • Rear seat entertainment and dual-zone audio
  • Factory-installed amplified audio system
  • Single wire output for steering wheel control module

NOTE: It does not support fading in Premium Amplified Systems. Does not retain Uconnect.

Product Revision History

Current Revision #: 1.1.7   Description: Fixes reverse output false triggering in vehicles equipped with manual transmission, fixes turn-on pop seen in vehicles equipped with a factory amplifier Release Date: 10-18-13

Revision #: 1.1.6a   Description: Fixes reverse output false triggering & digital amp not turning on

Revision #: 1.1.6   Description: Fixes "No Signal" text on instrument cluster seen in 2012 vehicles

Revision #: 1.1.4a   Description: Fixes issue with factory sub not turning on in Alpine system

Revision #: 1.1.4   Description: Adds factory VES retention and Voice Prompt & Phone SWC support

Revision #: 1.1.3    Description: Initial Release

C2R-CHY4 Instruction Manual
 Download (298.05k)