RadioPRO Advanced Installation Kit with Integrated Controls For Jeep Wrangler JK

$749.00 SRK-JK11H

For 2011-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK


RadioPRO Advanced Installation Kit with Integrated Controls For Jeep Wrangler JK


  1. If this is the first time using the RadioPRO PC Application, download the Radio PRO PC Application. This can be found at the "Download" tab at the very bottom of the firmware list on this page.
  2. Download the firmware file.
  3. Install the Radio PRO PC Application using the .exe file you downloaded in step one.
  4. Open the RadioPRO PC Application using the new shortcut created on your desktop.
  5. Set all four DIP Switches to ON (DOWN) position.
  6. Connect the interface to the computer using a standard to micro USB cable.
  7. Click the "Firmware" icon.
  8. Click “Select File” and browse to the new firmware file. The new firmware can be found where you saved it before beginning.
  9. Once the file is chosen the update will begin. When successful it will show the text "Update Completed".
  • Firmware Download, Version V2 (Released on February 3rd, 2023)
    Release Notes
    • Fixes issues seen when battery is disconnected

    Firmware Update Instructional Video

  • Firmware Download, Version V1 (Released on December 23rd, 2022)
    Release Notes
    • Initial Release
  • Utility/Other, Version V22 (Released on July 26th, 2023)
    Release Notes
    Radio PRO PC Application

RadioPRO Advanced Integrated Installation Kit with Integrated Controls For Jeep Wrangler JK


RadioPRO Advanced fully integrated Jeep kit for Stinger’s HEIGH10® multimedia head unit. SRK-JK11H enables you to replace a Jeep Wrangler factory radio with a show-stopping HEIGH10 while retaining factory features and adding even more upgraded features!

For 2011-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK

Key Features:

  • Dash kit and mounting hardware included for a beautiful factory look with either the HEIGH10* Stinger multimedia head unit
  • Enables customizable vehicle performance apps
  • Provides more control over your installation with RadioPRO Advanced controlled camera triggers, steering wheel controls, and factory amplifier control

Retains These Features, If Equipped:

  • All factory cameras in full high-definition
  • Factory amplifier
  • Factory USB ports
  • Steering wheel controls
  • Auxiliary switch panel settings


  • Factory-matched mounting dash kits for HEIGH10
  • RadioPRO Advanced vehicle integration module
  • PAC-Link adapter for Stinger multimedia units
  • Vehicle-specific plug-n-play wire harness
  • Satellite antenna adapter
  • AM/FM antenna adapter
  • USB retention cables


*HEIGH10 sold separately

For information on UN1810 (HEIGH10), Click here

For HEIGH10 Firmware updates, Click here

SRK-JK11H Installation Manual
 Download (10.85M)
SRK-JK11H User Manual
 Download (20.2M)