RadioPRO Advanced Interface for General Motors Vehicles

$309.00 GM1A-RST
Radio replacement interface retains chimes, factory amplifier, steering wheel controls, and OnStar


RadioPRO Advanced Interface for General Motors Vehicles


  1. If this is the first time using the RadioPRO PC Application, download the Radio PRO PC Application. This can be found at the "Download" tab at the very bottom of the firmware list on this page.
  2. Download the firmware file.
  3. Install the Radio PRO PC Application using the .exe file you downloaded in step one.
  4. Open the RadioPRO PC Application using the new shortcut created on your desktop.
  5. Connect the interface to the computer using a standard to micro USB cable.
  6. Click the "Firmware" icon.
  7. Click “Select File” and browse to the new firmware file. The new firmware can be found where you saved it before beginning.
  8. Once the file is chosen the update will begin. When successful it will show the text "Update Completed".
  • Firmware Download, Version V13 (Released on February 2nd, 2021)
    Release Notes
    • Fixes issue seen with chime level being too loud
    • Adds ability to adjust chime level in Premium Bose amplifiers (Y91/UQA)
    • Fixes issues seen with adjustment dial when changing chime level 
    • Fixes issue seen with OnStar being too loud
  • Firmware Download, Version V11 (Released on January 30th, 2019)
    Release Notes
    • Improves general functionality
    • Fixes issues seen with real time fade
    • Fixes issues seen with OnStar playing out of rear speakers
  • Firmware Download, Version V8 (Released on November 5th, 2018)
    Release Notes
    • Fixes audio issues with factory amplified systems
    • Fixes issues seen with OnStar audio
  • Firmware Download, Version V6 (Released on October 18th, 2018)
    Release Notes
    • Initial Release
  • Utility/Other, Version V17 (Released on February 22nd, 2020)
    Release Notes
    RadioPRO PC Application

RadioPRO Advanced has been engineered to save you time and seamlessly integrate into a vehicle’s databus system to retain features such as OnStar, steering wheel controls, factory amplifier, audio fade, rear-seat entertainment system, and warning chimes.

RadioPRO Advanced also improves the sound quality of warning chimes by playing them through the sound system or a provided speaker. Simultaneously, a direct USB connection makes product setting adjustments and firmware updates quick and easy. It also saves you time installing a streamlined harness design, smaller housing, and easier chimes and factory amplifier gain adjustment.

Key Features

  • OnStar retention
  • Steering wheel control retention
  • Warning chimes through a sound system or external speaker
  • Bose amplifier retention (Standard and Premium)
  • Premium Bose amplifier adjustments (gain, bass, mid, treble)
  • Real-time audio fade
  • Rear-seat entertainment system retention
  • USB updatable
GM1A-RST Instruction Manual
Applies to Firmware version V13 or higher
 Download (1.32M)
GM1A-RST Instruction Manual
Applies to firmware version V12 or lower
 Download (1.68M)
Vehicle Specific Instructions
Instructions for wiring the VS41 In Select 2003-2006 Chevrolet / GMC Trucks and SUVs when used with a GM1A module
 Download (781.95k)