RadioPRO Advanced Interface for Select 2014-2019 General Motors Vehicles

$549.00 GM6A-RST

Radio Replacement Interface with Built-In OnStar® Retention, Bose® Amplifier Retention, Pre-Programmed Steering Wheel Control Retention and Navigation Outputs


  • Does not retain any of the following factory features:
    • Rear Seat Entertainment
    • Wi-Fi
    • Teen Driver Features
    • Valet Mode
    • Rear Park Assist symbols on reverse camera image
    • OnStar Text or Time of Day on Instrument Panel Cluster
    • Performance Data Recorder
    • Custom Launch Control (Line Lock, Launch Control)
    • Ambient Lighting controls
    • Front Camera
  • The following vehicle setting cannot be changed once the radio is removed:
    • Remote Mirror Folding
    • Hill Start Assist
    • Auto Power Assist Steps
    • Hands Free Liftgate Control
    • Remote Unlock Light Feedback

RadioPRO Advanced has been engineered to save you time and seamlessly integrate into a vehicle’s databus system to retain features such as steering wheel controls, factory amplifiers, and warning chimes.

Now retains Bose® amplifier (standard & premium, MOST 50) with fader and balance control!

The GM6A-RST has been engineered to work with the broadest range of GM vehicles, including those with Bose® or standard/non-amplified sound systems, and eliminates the need for additional adapters or modules.

Equipped with factory USB port retention cable for easy connection of cell phones (charging only, does not retain USB hub data communication). GM6A-RST also retains OEM aux input for external media players. 

Key Features

  • Built-in OnStar® retention
  • BOSE amplifier retention
  • Retains OEM aux input
  • Retains back-up sensors and park assist
  • Retains pre-programmed steering wheel controls
  • Retains warning chimes
  • Back-up camera retention
  • Provides navigation outputs including vehicle speed signal (VSS), illumination, reverse trigger and parking brake
  • Antenna adapter included
  • Data controlled RAP accessory output
GM6A-RST Installation Manual
 Download (1.27M)