Backup Camera/Navigation Unlock Interface

$359.00 BCI-CH41

For Select Dodge/Jeep/RAM vehicles 


  • 2018 + Applications require rev. 14 firmware or higher
  • 2019 RAM Truck must be "Classic" body style
  • Chrysler 200 & Jeep Cherokee: These vehicles do not support the addition of reverse camera or Rear Media Mode.
  • 2017+ Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger and Challenger: These vehicles do not currently support the addition of Rear Media Mode
  • 2018+Durango, Grand Cherokee, and RAM Trucks: These vehicles do not currently support the addition of Rear Media Mode
  • Vehicles equipped with the 5" screen do not support the addition of Rear Media Mode 
  • RAM trucks equipped with a manual transmission will not support the Forced Reverse Camera or Reverse Output Trigger features.
  • If navigation is being used and the camera input is engaged UNDER 20 MPH, it will affect the navigation guidance until the camera input is switched off.
  • If you are adding a secondary reverse camera to a vehicle with a factory reverse camera, you must also use an AVS21.
  • RAM trucks equipped with a factory bed camera and reverse camera on the radio screen: If you want to add Rear Media Mode to this vehicle, you must use an AVS21 to retain the factory bed cam, as this input will now be used by the new video input. Please see the tech brief describing this process under the "Downloads" tab.
  • RAM trucks equipped with reverse camera in the mirror: You cannot use the BCI-CH41 to program the radio screen to accept a reverse camera, blind spot cameras, or a front camera
  • Vehicles equipped with an external CD Player in the center console: If you are using the BCI-CH41 to add Rear Media Mode, this CD player will need to be disconnected as the BCI Rear Media mode will take over this input.


Backup Camera/Navigation Unlock Interface

  1. If this is the first time using the BCI PC Application, download “BCI PC Application".
  2. Download the firmware file.
  3. Extract the BCI PC Application file, then run the installer. This will install the PC Application onto the computer.
  4. Open the BCI PC Application using the new shortcut created on your desktop.
  5. Connect the interface to the computer using a standard to micro USB cable.
  6. Click the "Firmware" icon.
  7. Click “Select File” and browse to the new firmware file. The new firmware can be found where you saved it before beginning.
  8. Once the file is chosen the update will begin. When successful it will show the text "Update Completed".
  • Firmware Download, Version V15 (Released on June 11th, 2018)
    Release Notes
    • Removed all BCI-CH41 references from DIC text
    • Fixes USB connection issues seen with Windows 8 and 10
  • Firmware Download, Version 14 (Released on August 1st, 2017)
    Release Notes

    -Added BCI App support for:

    ---Front Camera Control

    ---Blind Spot Camera Control

    ---Programmable Outputs 1, 2, 3

    ---Swap Source and Preset SWC

    ---Swap Track and Volume SWC

    ---Remote Start Restore Climate

    ---ECO Memory

    ---Start Stop Memory

    ---Preset EQ

    ---Sport Mode Memory

    -Added support for On-Demand Activation (Requires v3 Harness)


    -Front camera on by park assist not working in 2017 Grand Cherokee

    -Programming Reverse Camera in 2017 Challenger, Charger and 300

    -User options not being saved when trying to save to the initial default values

  • Firmware Download, Version 9 (Released on February 16th, 2016)
    Release Notes
    Initial Release
  • Utility/Other, Version V6 (Released on November 21st, 2017)
    Release Notes
    BCI PC Application
Completely revamped, the BCI-CH41 is a multi-functional interface module for select Dodge/Jeep/Ram/Chrysler vehicles that configures the factory radio to accept the addition of a reverse*, blind spot elimination (left/right side), and front camera inputs for added safety and convenience. It also lets passengers freely use the built-in navigation system and other radio features while the vehicle is in motion. An audio/video media input* for passenger entertainment, the ability to swap/reprogram the vehicle’s steering wheel controls, and three programmable 12-Volt outputs for powering cameras or other devices are included. Lastly, innovative convenience features such as retaining last memory settings for vehicle models with Start-Stop, Eco-mode, Sport-mode, and Remote Start Climate Control are provided.

  • Multiple camera inputs:
    • Reverse (force reverse camera on any time)
    • Additional camera support with added VS41 video switcher (sold separately):
    • Dual blind spots (configurable control options)
    • Front (configurable control options)
  • Independent full A/V input (to OE radio option)
  • Retains last user settings for systems such as:
    • Start-Stop
    • Sport-mode
    • Eco-mode
    • Remote Start Climate Control
  • Navigation & Radio Feature Unlock ie, APPs & BT functions
  • 3 Programmable 12 Volt Outputs
    • Output 1 - provides up to 10 amps
  • Stores User Options (even with the loss of power)
  • Text driven menu seen on the instrument cluster (using OE vehicle buttons)
  • OE steering wheel control functions customizable
  • Digital audio EQ presets X3 - (vehicles with factory amp only)
  • LED and dip switches for ease of installation
  • VS41 4-input Video Switcher support (plug-and-play)
  • Direct USB Updateable
BCI-CH41 Instruction Manual
Rev. V6 ***These instructions only apply to firmware version 15***
 Download (1.32M)
BCI-CH41 Instruction Manual
Rev. V3 ***These instructions only apply to firmware version 14***
 Download (1.43M)
BCI-CH41 Instruction Manual
Rev. 082616 ***These instructions only apply to firmware version 10***
 Download (1.5M)
BCI-CH41 Tech Brief
Loss of factory cargo camera when adding rear media mode
 Download (199.55k)