DISCONTINUED - Multi-camera interface for select GM trucks with 7" Screen

$599.95 MCI-GM52
GM trucks with 7" screen

Product has been discontinued. Please see MCI-GM53.

Get rid of blind spots in your vehicle by installing safety cameras with PAC’s MCI-GM52. The multi-camera interface gives you the ability to add up to four cameras on your vehicle to give you more visibility into blind spot areas, enabling a safer and more informed driving experience.

The touch screen GUI gives you the control to switch between your camera views manually, creating a responsive, customized, and seamless viewing of your blind spots.

Suggested EchoMaster cameras include CHMSL Camera: PCAM-CHMSL-SIL, Front Camera: PCAM-10FF-GM, Blind spot Cameras: PCAM-BS1, and Wireless Camera: RVC-W2.

4 camera input (RCA)
Output to factory 7" screen
Touch screen GUI
Selectable (on/off) automatic turn signal activation of side cameras
Selectable (on/off) automatic reverse camera activation
Retain factory reverse camera or add aftermarket camera
Override factory reverse camera for multi-camera viewing
Dedicated camera power output for 4 cameras (12V 500mA)
Retains all factory features

Integration module
Power adapter harness
Camera input and power harness
Installation accessories (NVH kit and cable ties)
Instruction manual

Product Revision History

Current Revision: C  Description: Added 2018 Compatibility  Release Date: 4-9-18

Revision: B  Description: Initial Release  Release Date: 8-30-17

MCI-GM52 Instruction Manual
 Download (961.54k)