Multi-camera interface for select GM trucks with 7" Screen

$599.95 MCI-GM53
Multi-Camera Interface
Only compatible in truck with the build/RPO code: IOB. Incompatible build/RPO codes: IOA, IO4, IO5, and IO6. Build/RPO codes can be found on a silver sticker in the glove box or by scanning the QR code in the driver door frame.

Get rid of blind spots in your vehicle by installing safety cameras with PAC’s MCI-GM53. The multi-camera interface gives you the ability to add up to four cameras on your vehicle to give you more visibility into blind spot areas, enabling a safer and more informed driving experience. The touch screen GUI gives you the control to switch between your camera views manually, creating a responsive, customized, and seamless viewing of your blind spots.

  • Features
    • Now includes mounting bracket for module and removable LVDS cable
    • Additional (New) Setting Options
    • Additional Triggers (front cameras only)
    • Ability to Enable/Disable Cameras (excludes factory reverse camera)
    • Adjustable Dynamic Parking Lines
    • Configurable Multicam View
MCI-GM53 Instruction Manual
 Download (2.1M)