Camera Upgrade Harness for Radio PRO Integrated Kits

$34.00 RPA-16P5V
5 Camera Input Harness for use with select PAC RadioPRO Integrated Installation Kits

Add up to 4 additional cameras while retaining your factory reverse camera or 360 camera system!

RPA-16P5V plugs into the multi-camera control port on select PAC Integrated Kits to provide connectivity for up to 5 safety cameras. Retain or upgrade the vehicle’s existing reverse camera, and add a trailer, cargo, front park assist, or blind-spot cameras. Select RadioPRO Integrated Installation Kit solutions to offer multi-camera access and control through a touchscreen interface built into the kit.

Key Features

  • Provides 5 RCA inputs for safety camera retention and integration
  • Provides 1 RCA output to aftermarket radio or external display
  • Plug-and-play connectivity into PAC Integrated Installation Kits equipped with a multi-camera control port
  • Provides 800mA switched power and ground leads (active when vehicle Accessory is on) for powering cameras