GateWay SAT - Sirius XM GM


General Motors Satellite Radio Kit With Auxiliary Input

  • Vehicle MUST have the ability to support Satellite Radio
  • 2007+ Vehicles (Excluding Corvette) - Radio must have a "CAT" + "Band" button combination or "XM" button to be compatible
  • 2003 - 2006 Vehicles & 2004+ Corvette - Radio must have a "Band" or "XM" button to be compatible
  • Not compatible in vehicles equipped with "Monsoon" system or any other "signal sensing" amplifier.
  • When using the PGHGM5 harness: Some radios may have an inactive satellite radio port if not equipped with a factory satellite radio tuner. Please see a dealer for activation of this port to enable the interface
  • The SXV300 will only function as a basic satellite tuner when connected to the GateWay.  The SXV300 offers advanced functions*, however, they are not supported by the GateWay and may cause abnormal functionality of the satellite radio operation.

*Unsupported SXV300 advanced functions include "Pause, Rewind and Replay", TuneStart, TuneMix, TuneScan, Alerts (for favorite song, artist or sports team) and iTunes® radio tagging.


GateWay SAT - Sirius XM GM

Gateway Firmware Updater

  • Download the update package to your PC. Make sure you save it in a place you can easily find it like a "New Folder" on your desktop.
  • Extract the files from the .zip folder to your PC. Save them in the same place as the .zip folder.
  • Follow the procedure outlined in this video to setup the program and update your module:
  • Firmware Download, Version 862b (Released on January 4th, 2012)
    Release Notes

    Gateway Update Software/Driver Package


GateWay SAT kit for General Motors vehicles connects a satellite radio tuner (SXV100 or SXV200 sold separately) and an auxiliary input directly to the factory radio. This interface kit allows Satellite Radio control directly from the factory radio with no external displays or controllers.

Connect and control the Sirius XM tuner from the factory radio and steering wheel controls (where equipped). Text from the tuner is displayed on the factory radio, and audio plays back through the vehicle’s sound system.

Control the advanced playback features of the SXV tuner, including the ability to tag an artist, song, or sports game and be alerted whenever they are playing. The GateWay has the ability to store 50 artists, songs, or games in any combination.

It also offers an instant replay feature in which the tuner records the last 30 minutes of playback and gives you the ability to fast-forward, rewind, skip backward or forwards in one-minute intervals or skip backward or forwards by track.

  • Satellite tuner sold separately
  • All harnesses included
  • Allows Satellite Radio to be controlled directly from the factory head unit
  • It also adds Auxiliary input.
  • General Motors Satellite Radio Kit With Auxiliary Input (Includes PXAMG Interface, ISSR12 Cable, PGHGM1 & PGHGM5 Harness)


Product Revision History

Current Revision #: .862b       Description: Fixes intermittent audio issue with SXV200    Date Released: 4/25/14

Revision #: .853b       Description: Initial Release    Release Date: 6-21-13

ISGM12 Owner's Manual
Class II (PGHGM5) Manual
 Download (972.73k)
GateWay / DuaLink Reset
PXAMG / PXAUX Manual Reset Procedure
 Download (231.66k)