Accessory Power T-Harness

$39.00 CH-12PWRH
For Chrysler/Jeep
Add accessory power that’s ignition switched or constant (vehicle dependant) to operate 12-volt accessories. Modern vehicles use a complex CAN bus system consisting of multiple microcontrollers to communicate within the factory system. The factory system only provides one safe connection point that will not interfere with other OEM systems; this location is behind the power port / 12v cigarette socket. The socket is the only place that a switched accessory can safely be attached. Use this T-harness to add accessories without causing potential damage to the factory electrical system. The harness allows you to neatly wire accessories that are switched on and off with the ignition key or stay constant if the factory power outlet is a constant powered outlet.  This harness is a “plug and play” wire harness and is simple to install.
Installation Manual
 Download (84.26k)