Latching Phantom Ignition Module

$29.95 IGN-3
Latching Phantom Ignition Module for CAN-BUS vehicles, and vehicles with stop-start technology

IGN-3 detects when the engine is running, and provides an accessory power output wire for triggering aftermarket accessories, making it great for CAN-Bus vehicles! IGN-3 offers two main functions to ease installation of aftermarket electronic accessories in today’s vehicles with CAN-Bus, and those with engine stop-start technology.

The Power-off-delay feature keeps providing consistent accessory power during varying vehicle conditions, such as engine shut-down at a red light, or alternator disengagement while driving. This feature is essential for vehicles with stop-start technology!

The Power off delay function has two selectable settings: 10 seconds, for typical stop-start use, and an extended power-off mode where power is provided for 140 seconds, before it is turned off. If the 10 second “power buffer” isn’t enough for your installation, simply cut the Brown loop wire, and IGN-3 will provide accessory power for 140 seconds after the engine or alternator turns off.

Key Features

  • Detects when the engine is running and provides switched accessory power wire
  • Selectable Power-off-delay of 10 seconds or 140 seconds
  • Simple, 3-wire installation


  • Easily provide accessory power in a CAN-BUS vehicles
  • Keeps electronic aftermarket accessories from shutting down at red lights in stop-start equipped vehicles
IGN-3 Instruction Manual
 Download (184.24k)