Hand-held portable SWC module programmer

$0.00 PP-SWI
The PP-SWI is a handheld portable device used to program the SWI-RC, SWI-JACK and SWI-PS by connecting directly to the SWI module.


Hand-held portable SWC module programmer

Installation Notes

  • If not updated, download and install the PAC-UP firmware.
  • Download and install the latest version of our database.
  • Connect the PAC-UP to the computer's USB port and PP-SWI's data port, and install the update.

Detailed Instructions

  • If this is the first time updating you PP-SWI, download, run and install the "PAC Interface Updater". This will install "Interface Updater" onto the computer. The "Interface Updater" will update the files from the computer to PP-SWI.
  • Download and extract the "PP-SWI Database" file. Please remember the location that the .suf file is extracted to. We will need this for step 7.
  • Connect the PAC-UP to the computer using supplied USB cable. Connect the PAC-UP to PP-SWI.
  • Open the Interface Updater Program by going to Start >All Programs >AAMP of America > Interface Updater.
  • Click "Connect" button to establish connection between the PAC-UP and the computer. The "Connected" check box will be checked if successful. If unsuccessful, reconnect PAC-UP to the computer and restart the software.
  • Select "PP-SWI" from "Interface select" pull down menu.
  • Click "Update Database". Locate the new database file you extracted in step 2 and select it.
  • Once the file is chosen the update will begin. When successful it will show the text "End Update". It is now safe to disconnect the PP-SWI / PAC-UP from the computer.
  • Firmware Download, Version r12 (Released on January 31st, 2014)
    Release Notes
    • Updated select vehicles to 2014 (select models) for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, VW, Kia, Hyundai, Subaru, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Harley, Honda, Acura, General Motors, Nissan, Infiniti, Suzuki, Ford and Lincoln.
  • Utility/Other, Version 1.1.7 (Released on March 5th, 2013)
    Release Notes
    PAC-UP Firmware

The PP-SWI is powered by either the 12-volt power outlet or the supplied two AA batteries. Since the SWI module does not need to be installed before programming, the PP-SWI can be used on the bench before the vehicle arrives or in the vehicle at the time of installation.

Follow on-screen prompts and select the module being installed, the year, make, model of vehicle, and options, then PP-SWI handles the programming of the button functions for you.

Product Features
  • Allows quick and easy programming of the SWI-RC, SWI-PS & SWI-JACK
  • It can be used on the bench or in the car

PP-SWI Instructions
 Download (858.5k)