Universal Analog/CAN-Bus Steering Wheel Control Interface With DIP Switch Programming

$115.00 SWI-RC-1
Fast and easy steering wheel control retention for over 3000 vehicles with the PAC SWI-RC-1
  • Does not retain the HVAC controls found in some General Motors vehicles
Speed through your radio replacement installation when using the SWI-RC-1 to retain your factory steering wheel controls. To program the SWI-RC-1, simply go to the SWI-RC-1 installation guide from your PC, MAC, or mobile device, select the make/model/year and what of brand radio you are installing, then set the DIP switches according to the information provided. In addition to DIP switch programming, the SWI-RC-1 can be manually programmed like the Classic SWI-RC. You will also save time using the accessory output generated by the SWI-RC-1 in CAN-Bus/LAN/Class II vehicles instead of searching for an accessory wire for your aftermarket radio.

  • Quick and easy pre-programmed button function by DIP switch selection
  • Works on Analog (resistive) and Data SWC systems
  • For vehicles with CAN-Bus, GMLAN, CLASS II, LIN-Bus, I-BUS, or analog SWC
  • Supports classic, SWI-RC style button programming
  • Customizable button functions (short press/long press/button reassignment)
  • Provides 2 amp, 12volt accessory output (CAN-Bus, LAN, and Class II applications)
  • Compatible with all late model brands of radios with 3.5mm or two-wire connections

SWI-RC-1 Web-APP - Vehicle Specific Installation Instructions

Patent # 8,014,540 & 8,184,825
SWI-RC-1 Quick Start Guide
 Download (700.05k)
SWI-RC-1 Button Re-Assignment
 Download (229.36k)
SWI-RC-1 Manual Mapping
 Download (244.57k)
SWI-RC-1 Troubleshooting
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