Got an older car and want to listen to your phone, tablet or mp3 player? Its no problem with the TranzIt. You'll be able to connect ANY smart device to your car radio, even if you don't have an available AUX input.

The connecting link between your audio source and your FM radio. Using the supplied accessories, you can connect any audio source to any FM-equipped radio. This interface has a universal input configured to accept an audio signal from any source with an RCA connection or a standard 3.5mm headphone output.

Also, charge the iPod’s, iPhone's, and iPad's battery when connected.

  • Provides connection for iPod, iPhone, or iPad or a universal 3.5mm input for any audio device
  • Supports battery charging for the iPod/iPhone/iPad
  • Adjustable gain for optimal level matching
  • Interrupts incoming antenna signal when in use for best sound performance
  • Optional installation for video playback available
  • The IS77 is designed to provide the connecting link between your audio source and your FM radio
  • Compatible with any Factory or Aftermarket FM Radio
  • Provides connection for an iPod dock for audio and charging.
IS77 Honda_Acura_tech_brief
IS77 Honda_Acura_tech_brief
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