DuaLink Kit for Select Ford, Lincoln, Mercury Vehicles


Dual Auxiliary Audio Input Interface for Select Ford, Lincoln, Mercury Vehicles (Includes PXAUX Interface, PGHFD1 Harness & PGHFD1A Harness)


DuaLink Kit for Select Ford, Lincoln, Mercury Vehicles

Gateway Firmware Updater

  • Download the update package to your PC. Make sure you save it in a place you can easily find it like a "New Folder" on your desktop.
  • Extract the files from the .zip folder to your PC. Save them in the same place as the .zip folder.
  • Follow the procedure outlined in this video to setup the program and update your module:
  • Firmware Download, Version 862b (Released on January 4th, 2012)
    Release Notes

    Gateway Update Software/Driver Package


The kit integrates two auxiliary audio sources directly to the factory radio for the highest possible sound quality—ideal for mp3 players, portable DVD players, handheld GPS, laptops, and gaming systems.

  • The plug-and-play installation maintains factory wiring integrity.
  • Direct audio input to factory radio for maximum sound quality
  • Two separate inputs - RCA and 3.5mm minijack 
  • Retains factory-installed satellite radio
Compatibility Notes
  • The vehicle MUST be either equipped with or have the ability to support Satellite Radio
  • Non-navigation radios must have an "AUX, "Sirius," or "SAT" button to be compatible
  • 2009 Ford/Lincoln/Mercury vehicles equipped with navigation are not compatible
  • In 2009 Ford changed the radios in the following vehicles halfway through the year from having an external satellite radio tuner to having an internal satellite radio tuner. These vehicles will not be able to support the ISFD531 if they have an internal satellite tuner:
    • Ford Focus
    • Ford Escape
    • Mercury Mariner
Product Revision History

Current Revision #: 816b    Description: Initial Release

 Download (231.66k)
 Download (780.23k)