GateWay Kit for Toyota


The Ultimate In-Car Integration Solution for Select GM Vehicles.

  • If Toyota factory radio has satellite tuner built into the radio it does NOT support the Dualink/Gateway/Car Connect. This can be determined by the presence of a satellite radio antenna plugged directly into the radio
  • Radio must have an "AM-SAT"  "DISC" or "CD" button to be compatible. 2012+ vehicles equipped with a non-navigation touchscreen radio are also compatible.
  • 2012+ Camry & Prius equipped with factory navigation radios are not compatible
  • If using in Satellite Radio emulation mode: Vehicles equipped with a factory satellite radio will need to disconnect the satellite tuner at the tuner location in order for the PXAMG to properly function.
  • If using in CD Changer emulation mode: Vehicles equipped with an external CD Changer will need to disconnect the CD Changer at the changer location in order for the PXAMG to properly function.
  • HD Radio support requires the purchase of the HDRT (sold separately, satellite radio emulation mode only. Radio MUST have an "AM-SAT" or "SAT" button, excluding 2012+ Camry)
  • ISBT21 is supported in satellite radio emulation mode only (sold separately, satellite radio emulation mode only. Radio MUST have an "AM-SAT' button)
  • If using with the HDRT HD Radio tuner: Radios with a diversity antenna will need the PGHTY1HD harness in order for the HD tuner to work correctly.

Vehicle Specific Toyota/Scion/Lexus Notes


  • Not compatible in vehicles equipped with the OEM Pioneer radio with the OEL display


  • 2012+ Toyota Tundra: Vehicles equipped with factory navigation radios cannot use the ISTY571 to add aftermarket satellite radio


GateWay Kit for Toyota

Gateway Firmware Updater

  • Download the update package to your PC. Make sure you save it in a place you can easily find it like a "New Folder" on your desktop.
  • Extract the files from the .zip folder to your PC. Save them in the same place as the .zip folder.
  • Follow the procedure outlined in this video to setup the program and update your module:
  • Firmware Download, Version 862b (Released on January 4th, 2012)
    Release Notes

    Gateway Update Software/Driver Package


The ultimate car integration kit for your iPod or iPhone. Each vehicle-specific GateWay kit provides a seamless connection between your iPod or iPhone and the factory-installed, satellite-ready radios in many 2003-2011 cars, trucks, and SUVs.

iPod/iPhone and Auxiliary Audio Input Interface with HD Radio, Satellite Radio & Bluetooth Options for Select Toyota, Lexus & Scion Vehicles (Includes PXAMG GateWay Interface, PGHTY1 & PGHTY1B Harness)

Include keeping the factory radio intact - no need to get a radio installed, digital-quality music from your iPod or iPhone, playlist and library browsing through your standard radio controls, Song, Artist and Album information on your radio display, battery charging on all dockable iPod or iPhone models, and secondary input for use with other portable audio devices.

  • The vehicle MUST be either equipped with or have the ability to support Satellite Radio.
  • HD Radio support requires the purchase of the HDRT (sold separately)
  • Radio must have a "Band" or "XM" button to be compatible
  • Not compatible in vehicles equipped with a "Monsoon" system or any other "signal sensing" amplifier.
  • When using the PGHGM5 harness: Some radios may have an inactive satellite radio port if not equipped with a factory satellite radio tuner. -Please see a dealer for activation of this port to enable the interface

Product Revision History

Current Revision #: .862b       Description: Fixes intermittent audio issue with SXV200    Date Released: 4/25/14

Revision #: .852b       Description: Adds SXV200 Satellite Tuner and 2012+ Non-Nav Touchscreen Radio compatibility    Date Released: 11/9/12

Revision #: .842b       Description: Adds ISSR12 compatibility

Revision #: .820b       Description: Adds DVD/CDC MP3  emulation mode, fixes issues seen with Mark Levinson system

Revision #: .817b       Description: Universal File/Adds CD Changer emulation mode, fixes text issue in random mode

Revision #: .816b        Description: Universal File

Revision #: 1.5.788b   Description: Fixes issues seen with iOS 4.1

Revision #: 1.5.778b    Description: Improves General Functionality

Revision #: 1.5.723b    Description: Initial Release

HDRT Install Manual
 Download (465.32k)
ISTY571 Install Tips
 Download (19.42k)
ISTY571 Owner's Manual
 Download (1.18M)
ISTY571 Tech Tip
Apple Lightning Adapter Tech Tip
 Download (285.62k)
GateWay / DuaLink Reset
PXAMG / PXAUX Manual Reset Procedure
 Download (231.66k)
ISTY571 Operation
 Download (1.15M)
PGHTY1 Tech Brief
Harness Modification to resolve inconsistent operation
 Download (4.46M)