Connect for Select Toyota Vehicles


Premium Factory Radio Interface for iPod, iPhone or iPad, Android and Other Smartphones (Includes Connect Interface & PGHTY1 Harness)

  • Vehicle MUST be either equipped with, or have the ability to support Satellite Radio
  • Bluetooth device MUST support hands free profile (HFP) in order to be compatible with the Connect. Please refer to your devices specifications to see if this profile is supported
  • Radio must have an "AM-SAT"  or "SAT" button to be compatible. 2012+ vehicles equipped with a non-navigation touchscreen radio are also compatible
  • 2012+ Camry & Prius equipped with factory navigation radios are not compatible
  • Pre 2010 vehicles that are equipped with factory satellite radio must disconnect the factory satellite radio tuner at the tuner location in order for the Connect to function properly
  • Not compatible in 2009+ model vehicles that have an "XM" logo printed on the face of the radio. These radios have an internal satellite tuner and are not compatible. All other radios without the logo that have an "AM/SAT" or "SAT" button are compatible
  • If using with the HDRT HD Radio tuner: Radios with a diversity antenna will need the PGHTY1HD harness in order for the HD tuner to work correctly
  • When using the ISSR12 to add XM/Sirius, only the SXV100 and SXV200 tuners are supported (Connect is not compatible with the SXV300)

Vehicle Specific Toyota/Scion/Lexus Notes


  • Not compatible in vehicles equipped with the OEM Pioneer radio with the OEL display


  • 2009+ Toyota Prius: The radio in these vehicles may be equipped with an internal satellite tuner with no distinguishing marks on the face of the radio. If the radio has a yellow satellite antenna plugged into the back, the satellite tuner is internal and the Connect is not compatible
  • 2012+ Toyota Tundra: Vehicles equipped with factory navigation radios cannot use the ISTY651 to add aftermarket satellite radio
  • 2009+ Toyota Venza: Only compatible in vehicles equipped with navigation
  • 2011 Toyota Sienna: Only compatible in vehicles equipped with navigation
  • 2010+ 4Runner: Only compatible in vehicles equipped with navigation


Connect for Select Toyota Vehicles

Installation Instructions

  • Save the .zip file to your desktop.
  • Once saved to your desktop, right click the .zip file and choose "Extract All".
  • Follow the instructions included in the .zip file to update your iSimple Connect.
  • Firmware Download, Version 192a.46a (Released on May 5th, 2014)
    Release Notes
    • Resolves intermittent audio issue seen when used with SXV200 tuner
  • Firmware Download, Version 187a.45d (Released on March 22nd, 2013)
    Release Notes
    • Adds Honda/Acura applications
    • Improves Bluetooth HFP audio
    • Fixes Satellite Radio bleedthrough
    • Improves general functionality

Premium Factory Radio Interface for iPod, iPhone or iPad, Android and Other Smartphones (Includes Connect Interface & PGHTY1 Harness)

CONNECT, your phone, your car - wirelessly.

Upgrade your car with today’s latest technology and the best possible sound quality with this premium integration solution.

Enjoy your favorite songs, discover content with internet radio, and safely manage phone calls hands-free with a touch of a button. One discrete module hidden in your vehicle seamlessly connects your devices while providing control through your factory radio and steering wheel controls. The Connect’s USB port provides charging and music playback from your smartphone or music playback from a portable USB hard drive or thumb drive.

  • Full control for iPhone: Wirelessly (Bluetooth) or Wired (using customer’s Apple USB cable)
  • Basic control for Android: Wirelessly (Bluetooth)
  • USB connection for charging and control of smartphones, tablets, and media players
  • Device browsing and control by wired or Bluetooth connection
  • USB Thumb-drive support: up to 32GB and up to 8,000 MP3 files
  • 2.1 Amp USB connection for charging of smartphones, tablets, and media players
  • Android audio streaming and wireless track control through Bluetooth connection
  • Built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling (HFP) and audio streaming (A2DP)
  • Songtext (metadata) on the factory radio
  • Auxiliary audio input (3.5mm or RCA)
  • Wireless device control using audio/video remote control profile (AVRCP)
  • Vehicle-specific harnesses for plug and play installation
  • Expandable:
  • Connect an ISSR11 cable and add an SCC1 Satellite tuner
  • Connect an ISSR12 cable and add an SXV100 or SXV200* Satellite tuner
  • (Sat tuners, and ISSR11, and ISSR12 cables all sold separately.)

Product Revision History

Current Revision #: 1.5.192a.46a       Description: Fixes intermittent audio issue is seen when used with SXV200 tuner    Release Date: 05-05-14

Revision #: 1.5.187a.45d       Description: Improves Bluetooth HFP audio, fixes Satellite Radio bleedthrough, improves general functionality. Release Date: 03-22-13

Revision #: 1.5.172g.41a       Description: Minor bug fixes    Release Date: 11-6-12

Revision #: 1.5.171d.41a       Description: Initial Release    Release Date: 10-24-12

ISTY651 Install Instructions
 Download (1.64M)
ISTY651 Apple Device Operation
Camry Radios
 Download (122.87k)
ISTY651 BT Operation
Camry Radios
 Download (113.44k)
ISTY651 USB Operation
Camry Radios
 Download (114.74k)
ISTY651 HD Radio Operation
 Download (696.44k)
ISTY651 Apple Device Operation
Navigation Radios
 Download (122.48k)
ISTY651 BT Operation
Navigation Radios
 Download (125.99k)
ISTY651 USB Operation
Navigation Radios
 Download (127.99k)
ISTY651 Apple Device Operation
Non-Navigation Radios
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ISTY651 BT Operation
Non Navigation Radios
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ISTY651 USB Operation
Non -Navigation Radios
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ISTY651 SAT Radio Operation
 Download (722.97k)
ISTY651 Owner's Manual
 Download (721.1k)
ISTY651 HD Radio Operation
 Download (696.44k)
PGHTY1 Tech Brief
Harness Modification to resolve inconsistent operation
 Download (4.46M)