Backup Camera/Navigation Unlock Interface

$359.00 BCI-GM31

For Select General Motors Vehicles with Navigation Radios

  • GM Dealer activation required to turn on backup camera input when vehicle is not equipped with factory backup camera.

The BCI-GM31 connects to the existing video-capable OEM radio, adds a backup camera input, and enables many other safe passenger use features while the vehicle is in motion.  Ditch the wires and discover the simplicity of true plug-and-play. Disconnect the factory connector and connect our T-Harness inline. Use the dip switches bank to give your customers exactly what they need, turn on and off features for a truly customized installation.

  • Adds Input for Adding a Back-up Camera. Requires GM Dealer Activation
  • Unlocks Navigation Features for Passenger Use
  • Plug-and-Play installation
  • Provides Reverse Camera Turn-on Output
  • Works with a variety of EchoMaster backup cameras
BCI-GM31 Installation Guide
 Download (2.15M)