RadioPRO4 Radio Replacement Interface for Hyundai Veloster

$249.00 RP4.2-HY12

2011-2016 Hyundai Veloster

  • Does not retain Blue Link
  • 2016 models equipped with Navigation are not compatible as the plug is different
  • Vehicles equipped with a factory amplifier also require the RPA-SPDIF
  • In vehicles equipped with auto climate controls, you will lose the fan mode, fan speed, auto status and temperature display. These functions will still work, however you will have no visual confirmations of the settings.


RadioPRO4 Radio Replacement Interface for Hyundai Veloster


  1. If this is the first time using the RadioPRO PC Application, download the Radio PRO PC Application. This can be found at the "Download" tab at the very bottom of the firmware list on this page.
  2. Download the firmware file.
  3. Install the Radio PRO PC Application using the .exe file you downloaded in step one.
  4. Open the RadioPRO PC Application using the new shortcut created on your desktop.
  5. Connect the interface to the computer using a standard to micro USB cable.
  6. Click the "Firmware" icon.
  7. Click “Select File” and browse to the new firmware file. The new firmware can be found where you saved it before beginning.
  8. Once the file is chosen the update will begin. When successful it will show the text "Update Completed".
  • Firmware Download, Version V17 (Released on September 27th, 2018)
    Release Notes
    • Fixes issues seen with steering wheel controls
    • Updated radio commands library
    • Removes parking brake bypass output logic from red/white wire
  • Firmware Download, Version 01.0.11 (Released on June 5th, 2015)
    Release Notes
    • Initial Release
  • Utility/Other, Version V19 (Released on February 22nd, 2020)
    Release Notes
    RadioPRO PC Application

An all-in-one radio replacement and SWC interface, the innovative RadioPRO4 comes pre-loaded with amplifier retention and SWC software, navigation-based output signals, and other features that save time and money during installation.

  • Retains steering wheel controls (pre-programmed)
  • Data controlled accessory and navigation outputs
  • 10A accessory output
  • Single programmable 12V output
  • Easily configurable using a PC
  • Retains factory amplifier (RPA-SPDIF required)
  • Retains USB input
  • Retains AUX input (RCA to 3.5mm adapter may be required depending on aftermarket radio’s AUX input connection)
  • Direct USB updatable

Patent # 8,014,540 & 8,184,825
RP4.2-HY12 Instruction Manual
Rev. V2 ***These instructions only apply to firmware version 17***
 Download (590.31k)