Analog to SPDIF Audio Converter

$89.00 RPA-SPDIF
Analog to SPDIF Audio Converter

The RPA-SPDIF module is an Analog-to-Digital converter designed for use with an RP4.2-HY11 or RP4.2-HY12 interface to replace the factory Hyundai radio with a more advanced aftermarket head unit. The module converts analog audio from an aftermarket radio into a digital signal for proper audio through the factory amplifier. The module uses a high-quality Wolfson digital to analog converter (DAC) to ensure excellent sound quality.

Product Features
  • RP4.2-HY11 and RP4.2-HY12 compatibility
  • High-quality Wolfson digital to analog converter
  • Adjustable gain control
  • Power and clipping LED indicators
  • Digital amplifier fade adjustments via RadioPro PC application
Compatibility Notes
  • Only needed in vehicles equipped with a factory amplified audio system

Product Revision History

Current Revision #: 1.0 Description: Initial Release Release Date: 10-30-15

RPA-SPDIF Instruction Manual
 Download (176.01k)