ControlPRO 5

$149.00 SWI-CP5

Universal Analog/CAN-Bus Steering Wheel Control Interface With Smart Phone/PC App Programmability


ControlPRO 5

  • Utility/Other, Version (Released on June 1st, 2016)
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The SWI-CP5 interface allowed the retention of steering wheel controls (SWC), rear-seat controls (RSC), and retained accessory power (RAP) whenever replacing factory radio. This interface also allows you to program two radio functions to each SWC button by using short press/long press dual command functionality. The SWI-CP5 works in vehicles with either data or analog SWC.

  • Configure using the Web Application, Android Application, Apple Application, PC Application, USB flash drive, or manually.
  • Compatible in vehicles equipped with LAN, LIN, CAN, Class II, Analog, or Serial Data SWC.
  • Easily configurable using either a PC, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Create and save custom vehicle configuration files for later use.
  • Ability to assign two radio functions to one SWC button.
  • Audible feedback for programming confirmation.
  • Highly visible tricolor LED to keep the user informed of the module's status.
  • Retains memory even if power is lost.
  • Equipped with a manual learning function for compatibility with unlisted analog vehicles.

Vehicle Specific Installation Instructions, ControlPro Web-APP

Product Revision History

Current Revision #: 38  Description: Adds Nissan and Mercedes applications  Release Date: 11/12/18

Revision #: Description: Updated radio commands library  Release Date: 5-29-18

Revision #: Description: Adds HO9 config, Merged SZ3 config into SZ2.  Release Date: 10-23-17

Revision #: Description: Adds VR support for Clarion and Sony. Adds 2017 Malibu to GM20 config.  Release Date: 03-23-17

Revision #: Description: Adds CH11, HO8, HY3, FD10, MB8 and SB2 configs. Adds support for diamond and star buttons in BM3 config. Adds preset button support for 2005 Cadillac STS  Release Date: 10-20-16

Revision #: Description: Revision change for labeling only. No functional change.  Release Date: 1-26-16

Revision #: 01.01.00 Description: Adds Alpine VR command. Adds configs for GM, Volvo, BMW & Mercedes. Fixes issues seen in Audi  Release Date: 9-1-15

Revision #: 1.2 Description: Adds the following configs:  BM3, CH10, FD8, MB7, VO2, VO3, VW2,  Release Date: 7-11-14

Revision #: 1.1 Description: Initial Release Release Date: 3-31-14

Patent # 8,014,540 & 8,184,825

Harley Davidson Wiring
With or without SQ/PTT Buttons
 Download (742.52k)
Instructions (Quick Start Guide)
Instructions/Quick start guide for SWI-CP2 or SWI-CP5
 Download (409.97k)
SWI-CP5 Button Re-assignment
SWC re-assignment procedure for SWI-CP5
 Download (235.29k)
SWI-CP5 Manual Programming
SWC programming procedure for manual mode
 Download (259.88k)
Tech Bulletin
ControlPRO Application Update
 Download (774.06k)
Troubleshooting guide for SWI-CP5
 Download (299.63k)