The world of OEM integration doesn't end with sexy, high-end technologies like cell phone integration, iPod kits and add-an-amp interfaces. PAC has a wide variety of modules and interfaces that install easily, tuck away discreetly and can be configured to meet a wide variety of requirements. Additionally, we offer specialty tools and accessories that facilitate the quick and simple installation of more advanced OEM applications.
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Tone Generator & Polarity Tester

$64.95 TL-PTG2

Your installation proof reader

DISCONTINUED - Universal Trigger Module with PC Programmability

$49.95 TR7-PRO

Universal Trigger Module with PC Programmability

Infrared Remote Repeater For Home Use

$53.95 IR-X/HOME

IR Remote Extender for home use

High Current Isolator and Relay

$29.95 PAC-80

Protect your power



IR-X Emitter and Splitter For Home Use

Universal Trigger Module with PC Compatibility

$74.95 TR12

Universal Trigger Module with PC Compatibility

Fiber Stick Pry Tool

$4.99 TL-PRY1

Fiber Stick Pry Tool

Dual Battery Isolator and Monitor

$129.95 SPR-200

Protect your power

Phantom Ignition Power Module

$27.95 IGN-1

For powering aftermarket accessories

PAC UPT - 4140 Steel Ultimate Pry Tool

$15.99 TL-PRY2

PACĀ UPT - 4140 Steel Ultimate Pry Tool. The ultimate "must have" pry tool.

Latching Phantom Ignition Module

$29.95 IGN-3

Latching Phantom Ignition Module for CAN-BUS vehicles, and vehicles with stop-start technology

Adjustable voltage adapter

$22.95 VOLT-39

3.3V, 5V, 6V and 9V selectable voltages

5-Pack Variable Resistors

$31.95 VR5

Adjustable from 0 ohms to 5,000 (5k) ohms

Bluetooth Steering Wheel Control Retention Harness

$20.95 BT-SWC-NI1

for Nissan Vehicles

Breakout Harness for OBD-II Port

$20.95 OBD-2

Easy way to connect aftermarket electronic accessories to power and CAN data-bus without cutting or splicing vehicle wiring

Power Lead Filter

$16.95 NF-10

Passive noise filter for power leads of stereos, multimedia devices, CBs, etc.

Showing 21 - 40 of 42 items